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Warren THS Tech Plan 05 - FY 2005-2008
Section 4: Vision

Vision Explanation
Warren's vision for learning with technology has been a topic at 3 seperate meetings of our Technology Advisory Committee. (See appendix for links to minutes from Nov. 17, 04, Jan. 19, 05, and March 16, 05) A portion of each of these meetings was devoted to discussing trends in technology and education and general looks toward the future. At our Jan. 19th meeting, we participated in a Best Hopes/Worst Fears activity (see appendix or At our March 16th meeting, the group came to the conclusion that our previous vision statement no longer captured the vision we saw for the next 3+ years.

On April 11th, a subcommittee met to draft a new vision. This group, consisting of a science teacher, a foreign language teacher, a parent community member, a parent and school technician, and the Tech Director, met to draft a new vision statement. The group reviewed vision statements from previous tech plans at Warren, visions from other schools and businesses, and minutes from our committee discussions. At the end of the meeting, the group had produced a new draft vision statement.

We shared the resulting draft with the tech committee and other groups in the District and invited their comments via email. The Vision Statement that you see below is the result of this process. We will continue this process of sharing the vision and getting feedback from a broader group of community members as part of the ongoing evaluation process in our tech committee.

Vision Statement
Technology is a resource for achieving educational excellence for students, faculty, parents, and community. Warren will expand the deployment of stable, commercially available technology targeted for the education community, complying with state and national educational standards.

Community Involvement: Warren will use technology to make it easier for the community to connect with the school and students’ learning.

Curriculum and Instruction: Students will actively participate in their own learning as teachers integrate evolving tools and enhance their delivery of subject matter.

Professional Development: Warren will provide meaningful ongoing educational opportunities and resources that foster professional growth in technology for all staff members.

Deployment and Sustainability: Warren will maintain and enhance technology that adheres to established standards and that supports communications, learning systems, and school improvement processes at Warren.