Warren Township EXCEL Club

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EXCEL club is a group of high school students that are dedicated to improving their school, community and country through volunteerism.  What sets us apart from other groups is our goal; the prevention of child abuse.


As a member of EXCEL you will not only serve your community, you will also develop leadership and communication skills.  EXCEL club members learn by doing with real hands-on experience.  They meet exciting new people and make lasting friendships through working towards a common goal. Being part of EXCEL allows you to make a positive difference in the world in which you live.


EXCEL members share their time and talents to organize school and community projects such as planning a child abuse prevention project, organizing a school clean-up day, feeding the hungry, setting up a grade school tutoring program or adopting grandparents at a local nursing home.  Clubs select their own projects based on the needs of the school, community concerns and personal skills members want to improve.  The students, with the help of a school advisor and sponsoring Exchange Club members, lead the club, decide on how to serve their school and community and then get actively involved in doing just that.


Our club meets once a month at the O'Plaine campus.  Volunteer opportunities are available during each month.


When you become involved in EXCEL Club, you have a chance to better yourself, your school, and your community.  Not only will you be developing your leadership skills, you will have an opportunity to make friends, plan and implement projects, and have fun! EXCEL offers the opportunity for personal growth while providing you with an advantage for college admission and giving you a jump start toward the business world.